How do you plan to achieve your retirement goals?

Few of us find it hard to imagine what we would like to do when we've stopped working. However, for some, the reality of creating the financial process to actually achieve that long term goal is not such a clear vision.

The old model of stopping work at statutory retirement age has long been replaced by a multitude of lifestyle choices - all of which are united by one stark fact. They have to be planned and financed.

So, how much do you realistically need to be able to achieve the retirement lifestyle you want? How are you going to get there? If most people were honest - they probably don't have all the answers.

The Citimark Partnership works with high net worth individuals and helps them achieve their intended lifestyle goals by organising their finances for the long term. We do this by providing holistic personal and business financial solutions to meet their future needs. In practice this means we approach retirement planning in a similar way to how a business plans for its future.

Our Certified Financial Planners take clients through a planning process that removes any uncertainty as to how you will arrive at the future you want. We help you identify where you want to be (your goals), we look at your means of getting there (your income and assets), then we help you create an achievable plan.

How much you will actually need depends on your goals but, once we have helped identify what they are, we can create a clear fact based strategy that will allow you to live the future life you want.

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