The List

Many things in life demand our attention - work, family, friends, the Inland Revenue - the list is endless. But how many things on this list were put there by you for your enjoyment? As I approach a birthday with a zero at the end, I have asked myself this many times. Having devoted my time to a career with frequent exams and long working hours I asked what else I may have missed out on and so the list started. My colleague and friend - Mark Incledon - often says that life is not a rehearsal - so this is me, and my list of new experiences, no rehearsal required!

  1. Be in the audience of a radio show as it is being recorded
  2. Learn to cook fish
  3. Sunrise at Glastonbury on the Summer Solstice
  4. Arabic dancing
  5. Climb a mountain
  6. A nude photo
  7. Mix cement
  8. Sing in public
  9. Find out my ancestry
  10. Flamenco
  11. The perfect hollandaise sauce
  12. Tell three people how wonderful they are and why they are important to the world
  13. Learn to surf
  14. Attend a graduation ceremony
  15. Get to see an Olympic event without paying
  16. Write a blog that someone other than me will read

The list - like life is a work in progress.