No 1 Be in the audience of a radio show as it is being recorded.

I love Radio 4's "The Now Show". For the uninitiated this is the very witty Steve Punt and the gorgeous Hugh Dennis' view of the week's news. It is recorded on a Thursday night for broadcast on Friday at 6.30pm. I applied for tickets on the BBC website over and over again, but got nowhere in the ticket draw. Then with a few tweaks to my submission (more on that later) and a more persistent approach with the email, the tickets finally arrived! My partner " the long suffering" Richard - and I went to BBC Broadcasting House, stood in the queue, watched the show, laughed until it hurt and drooled over Hugh Dennis (Richard really must stop doing that!). That week, the news consisted of the Japanese Tsunami, problems with the economy and the start of the Olympic ticket rush - which was rather similar to my experience in getting to this recording. If you ask the "long suffering" what he remembers most about the experience it will be the bathroom incident before we left the hotel. I was lounging in the bath (like one does) trying not to get my hair wet as we didn't have much time. Comments were made as the gin and tonic was being poured that my bath water was not very deep - I accepted the gin and in agreement I sought to remedy the situation, and accidently switched on the shower head. The gin was ruined! Thank fully The Langham Hotel is opposite Broadcasting House and so all was not lost. What have I learnt? I can confirm Hugh Dennis is indeed a sex god, that the room service, showers and hairdryers at The Langham all work wonderfully and that the queueing and the emails were all worth it.

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