Planning your
financial future


A highly valued employee benefit specifically designed to provide clarity in
your financial position and a path to achieve your goals


How we can make a difference
to your financial future

In today’s fast-paced and demanding business environment, it is all too easy for senior executives, managers and high-earners to neglect their own financial future. It is a situation that more UK companies are waking up to and that's why we at Citimark have developed our Avantgarde service.

Your employer may provide you with an excellent corporate benefits package, like a pension scheme, life assurance and sick pay, but this on its own doesn’t add up to a financial plan.

Avantgarde is specifically designed to fill this gap, so that you have a comprehensive financial plan to achieve your future desired lifestyle.

Planning your financial future
with Avantgarde

Planning your financial future with Citimark’s Avantgarde service could help you to:

  • Become better financially organised
  • Plan to fulfil your goals and aspirations
  • Minimise the tax you pay in future
  • Identify major potential savings in your financial affairs
  • Evaluate your corporate benefits package

What we do

One of our highly qualified financial planners will work with you to identify your financial objectives and develop a strategic plan to help achieve them. We will show you areas where real and tangible improvements can be made to your current position. These often result in long term tax savings and increased flexibility.

Ours is a lifestyle-orientated approach, helping you achieve lifetime goals and aspirations. After all, we believe financial independence is about choices, not just about money.

How does
Avantgarde work

1. Discovery Meeting

Stage One

Discovery meeting to understand your financial objectives and assess your current position.

2. Solution Planning

Stage Two

Solution planning to conduct a comprehensive review and research options to map a path from your current position to your desired position.

3. Recommendations

Stage Three

Recommendations to create an optimum way forward to guide you towards your goals.

4. Implementation

Stage Four

Implementation to allow you to make well informed decisions based on our recommendations which we execute on your behalf.

5. Regular Reviews

Stage Five

This is a dynamic process and requires regular reviews to ensure that additional objectives are included in the plan and any changes in circumstances taken into account.

My wife and I have been clients of Citimark for over 20 years and have provided consistent advice and looked after all of my affairs with integrity and professionalism. My role in Oracle left me with little time to focus on my finances but I am now able to enjoy the lifestyle of my dreams as a result of Citimark's excellent adviceStuart Turner - Sales Director Oracle UK - Retired