Financial Planning
for your employees


A highly valued employee benefit that can make a real difference
to your senior executives and key employees.


Financial advice – A highly valued employee benefit

At the heart of every successful business lies a core of senior executives and key employees. They collectively focus on achieving your strategic and operational goals, with the aim of driving your business forward. Very often that level of intense focus can mean that their individual personal finances become neglected or indeed completely overlooked.

That’s why we at Citimark have developed our Avantgarde service, specifically aimed at UK employers who want to provide a bespoke solution for their top managers and high earners. Research indicates enhanced employee performance can be achieved when the executive understands what their long term financial future could be and focuses on how to achieve it.

Our Avantgarde service is totally advice driven and delivered by Citimark’s team of highly qualified  and experienced financial planners. They are adept at identifying many areas for improvement in an individual’s financial circumstances. It’s an outcome that works for you and your employees.

Enhancing your employees
corporate benefits package

Avantgarde has been specifically designed to bridge the gap between your corporate benefits package and the tools your employees need to achieve the financial lifestyle they undoubtedly want.

Citimark have already pioneered this service with one of the world’s largest software companies and are advising their key employees to achieve individual lifetime goals and aspirations.

Our expert financial planners take great pride in building professional, yet very personal, relationships with your selected employees – always in strict confidence and totally focused in delivering this tailored service.

Expert financial advice in your own office locations

We can offer confidential one-to-one consultations within your own office locations or alternatively at our offices in Bristol.


  • Perceived as an extremely valuable employee benefit
  • Employees become more psychologically positive and motivated (we build their lifestyle plan based on longer term strategies) 
  • Employees become more life confident, resulting in higher performance and productivity 
  • Educational program included in your tailored package
  • All liability for advice given is covered by Citimark through our professional indemnity protection
Their primary role is to provide detailed financial advice to our senior executives within the UK organisation.Vance Kearney - Oracle -Vice President of HR for Europe, Middle East & Africa